September Gratitude and Lessons

The month of September included a lot of change, stress, and moments of joy for me.

In September I was grateful…

  • that I could be creative with the food that I choose to eat
  • for air conditioning
  • that I have health insurance and money to seek treatment for chronic pain
  • that I felt safe in my home
  • for the people in my life who are consistent
  • that I’m a social worker
  • for Bitmojis
  • for cupcakes
  • that my parents helped me move
  • for my co-workers

In September I learned…

  • that I apologize a lot for men’s sexual thoughts and advances
  • sometimes I take things too fast
  • sometimes I avoid talking to people even if I want to, especially if there is something important I need to talk about
  • consistency is key
  • sometimes you need to wait for a better opportunity
  • if you don’t like your own product, you shouldn’t sell it to anyone else
  • even when you think the world can’t wait, it can
  • that you don’t need to be afraid of letting others know that you’re in pain
  • don’t keep going back to nouns (people, places, things, or ideas), that continue to leave you disappointed
  • sometimes you end up having fun even when you didn’t want to do something.
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  1. Shannon says:

    This is wonderful. I can definitely relate. Makes me feel like I should start journaling again. Intentionally learning from everyday things.

  2. Lashona Elliott says:

    I truly enjoyed your blog and I look forward to more. Thank you for sharing I can definitely use a technique or two you have posted. You help me to be more grateful today. Thanks can’t wait for more.

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