October Gratitude and Lessons

Happy November! October was my birthday month and it was filled with a lot of celebrations and a lot of trials.

In October I was Grateful…

  • that I was able to have dinner with my parents on my birthday
  • for thunderstorms
  • for the women in my coaching group (they are amazing!)
  • for Chloe
  • that Sebastian Stan exists in the world
  • that I’m able to dress in sweats and leggings the majority of the time (work from home life 😉 )
  • that I was able to see Venom with my dad and my sister
  • that my parents are willing to take care of Chloe while I go on trips
  • for being able to watch the Nightmare Before Christmas
  • for all of you that are supportive of my blog

In October I Learned…

  • to assess past what you think is the problem
  • that people appreciate honesty, even if it hurts their feelings
  • if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t
  • there is no one who knows what you know, in the way that you know it
  • if you are forced into making a decision, make it with confidence
  • when people connect to your business, its because they connect with you
  • be as transparent as possible or necessary
  • forgiveness doesn’t have to mean allowing someone back into your life
  • be firm in what you believe in and expect
  • don’t compromise your needs to make others happy or comfortable

– Briana

Gratitude journaling is one way that I practice self-care as well as thinking about what I've learned through the month. Read this to learn more about how you can practice gratitude journaling and what I was grateful for in the month of October.
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  1. Jacquitta says:

    I love this! The lessons you’ve learned are real! I love the one where you say Forgiveness doesn’t mean you have ti allow someone back in! So much truth in a single statement.

  2. Kimberley says:

    This is beautiful it’s so important for us to stay thankful

  3. Lisa says:

    It’s a great skill to be able to sit back and reflect. Even on our worse days there’s something to be grateful for.

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