My Superpower

This wasn’t something that I had planned on writing about quite yet but with the death of Stan Lee, I felt the need to write this in his honor.


Since I was young (about 12), I’ve always known that I wanted to “grow up” to help others. I wasn’t always sure what that thing was.  But I was laser-focused on the idea that just by caring and building a relationship, that I could help someone feel better about themselves.  This idea took me from psychology to forensic psychology and then landed me in the realm of social work by the end of my college career.  I graduated from with my master’s two years later and starting working in the areas of crisis intervention and college access counseling.

Working in crisis intervention taught me a lot about strength and resilience, not only of the individuals that I worked with but within myself.  These were two things that I always felt like I had, but never really felt that I could fully realize. As I mentioned in a previous post, I never stretched myself beyond what I thought I could handle or what would feel comfortable.  I eventually reached a point in my life where I couldn’t continue living that way and made a change.  This allowed me to fully realize my potential for strength and resiliency.

Working in college access counseling taught me who to engage with people ready to launch into the next phase of their life.  I counseled hundreds of students on the college application process and how to prepare mentally for their journeys after high school.  Most of my students were just like me, a minority and from a lower-income family, who didn’t have someone who had gone to college.  Transitions are hard and scary, especially if you don’t have someone there to support you.

I’ve recently gone through my own life transition.  Though I felt fulfilled in my personal life, having let go of the pressures that I felt to be the perfect person for everyone, I felt lost in my career.  I wasn’t advancing in the way that I hoped and felt stagnant in my organization.  I knew I needed guidance and I turned to a life coach.  My coach was amazing at holding me accountable and pushing me to stop procrastinating on the goals that I had for myself.  This coaching led to what you are reading right now (this blog) and a new business adventure.

In the new year, I’ll be launching my own coaching business, focused on helping people whose pain and fear I know intimately well. For those of you who feel your inner voice is stifled by others. For those who feel like you can’t go after what you want because of how someone else will perceive you. Who feel that you lost true self because you were living your life for someone else.

I feel you and I’m here to help you on your journey.

My superpower is helping you discover YOU.

Your hopes and dreams for your life matter.  They shouldn’t be put on hold because of how you feel people will perceive you.

Excelsior <3

– Briana

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  1. Heather says:

    It sounds like you worked hard to get to this point of your journey. Congrats! Good luck on your new endeavor. 🙂

  2. Helping people is a great superpower to possess. Congrats on your new coaching career. I’m know you’ll help so many.

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