November Gratitude and Lessons

Happy December! November was a month with a lot of firsts and becoming fully committed to varies things in my life.

In November I Was Grateful…

  • that my partner came to visit me from Maryland
  • for chocolate cake
  • that I was able to call my parents when I was scared
  • that I was able to vote
  • for Good Mythical Morning
  • that I found an old charger for my iPad
  • to be done with physical therapy
  • that my sister is going to Greece in the Spring
  • that I started watching the Handmaid’s Tale
  • that I was able to spend Thanksgiving with my family

In November I Learned…

  • that meeting someone new doesn’t have to produce anxiety
  • that you should celebrate your wins, even the small ones
  • you can figure things out if you take the time to try
  • there are more people out there than you realize who think and care about you
  • that sometimes you won’t get help, even if you ask for it (but still ask)
  • that you should try something multiple times before you decide you don’t like it
  • you can’t make someone receive a message that they’re not ready for
  • not everything requires a response
  • sometimes you’ll have fun even when you think you won’t
  • sometimes you need to give people a chance

– Briana

Gratitude journaling is one way that I practice self-care as well as thinking about what I've learned through the month. Read this to learn more about how you can practice gratitude journaling and what I was grateful for in the month of November.
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