December Gratitude and Lessons

Happy January! December (with all of its holidays) is my favorite time of the year.  It was a pretty amazing month! 

In December I Was Grateful…

  • to be finished with school for the semester 
  • for the new Captain Marvel trailer and Avengers: EndGame trailer 
  • that my parents helped me decorate my house for Christmas
  • that I got a new phone with a better battery life
  • for my partner <3 
  • for long naps
  • that my sister was home for winter break
  • for multiple different types of food (steak, wings, cookies, etc)
  • that my new furniture arrived in time for Christmas
  • that I was able to spend Christmas with my family

In December I Learned…

  • that being honest is hard, but do it anyway
  • sometimes what you need to do is re-frame how you think about a situation
  • that most conversations won’t be as hard as you think they will be 
  • to be additive and not subtractive 
  • that even if you want to say yes, sometimes you need to say no
  • that people are ultimately responsible for themselves
  • to take care of myself first
  • that there is usually a way out of a bad situation
  • that as much as you may want something to work, sometimes it doesn’t
  • how to push through my anxiety

– Briana


  1. Always being grateful and continuing to learn are two really important aspects of life. Thanks for sharing!

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