March Gratitude and Lessons

Happy April! We’re officially a quarter through the year. Where did the time go?

In March I Was Grateful…

  • that I was able to visit my partner
  • for starting my coaching certification course
  • that I was able to help my parents
  • for my partner’s pets
  • that my professor allowed me to turn in an assignment late (oops)
  • to have a break from school for a week
  • for my heated mattress pad
  • for Dairy Queen
  • that I got to Captain Marvel with my dad and sister
  • for Stan Lee

In March I Learned…

  • employment shouldn’t just be about a paycheck
  • that everyone who came with you can’t go with you
  • that you don’t get to choose your consequences, so choose your actions
  • to be aggressively genuine
  • that not everything needs a response
  • that not everything requires a PUBLIC response
  • that we all live in our own echo chamber
  • to revisit old ideas and try to make them better
  • to ignore the hate on the things that you love
  • that your parents’ past does not have to be your present


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