Mental Health Awareness Month: 25 Things You Can Do To Support Your Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. I often talk about the big things (like therapy) and the small things (like journaling), that you can do to support your mental health. Here’s is just a tiny fraction of things that you can do to support yourself in your mental health journey, complete with links to some longer posts that I’ve written previously. Take some time today and grab a cuppa (I’m in London right now!), and do one or two things that will help you look after your mental health.

  1. Delete/block/unfollow that person that makes you feel less than
  2. Inhale a huge breath of your favorite smells (I love citrus and lavender)
  3. Brew a cup of coffee or tea and sip slowly (or drink some water if you prefer)
  4. Use an app like MindShift or SuperBetter to help you improve your mental health
  5. Indulge in a favorite snack
  6. Declutter an area of your house that you’ve been meaning to get to
  7. If you’re on any sort of medication, here is your reminder to take it
  8. Listen to a favorite song
  9. Wear that article of clothing that makes you feel safe and comfortable
  10. Text or call someone who supports you
  11. Set the background of your phone to something or someone inspiring (mine is Captain America)
  12. Make an appointment with your therapist (or find a therapist!)
  13. Quit the job that is making you feel undermined, anxious, or unworthy.
  14. Try out a creative activity like painting, writing, or singing.
  15. Complete a random act of kindness
  16. Cancel the plans that you made because you felt you had to
  17. Look in the mirror and tell yourself 5 things that you like about you.
  18. Say no
  19. Give yourself permission to cry over that thing you said you wouldn’t cry over
  20. Bask in the sun for a few minutes (and I say this as a fan of rainy, cloudy days)
  21. Watch a funny movie or video
  22. Read a book that will help to lift your mood
  23. Give yourself a break (in whatever way that means to you)
  24. Try something new that you’ve always wanted to do
  25. Do something you haven’t done since you were a child (blow bubbles, hula hoop, color)

What’s your favorite thing from the list? Or what’s your favorite way to support your mental health?

Girl on a beach looking at the sun with a text overlay that says 25 ways to support your mental health

— Briana

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