June Gratitude and Lessons

Happy July! June was a pretty stressful month for me but I am grateful for it all the same.

In June I Was Grateful…

  • for this video
  • that my phone hadn’t broken yet from my cat pushing it off my nightstand
  • that the Sims 4 Island Living was released
  • that my power didn’t go out due to all of the thunderstorms
  • for air conditioning
  • that my parents bought me a lawnmower
  • being presented with new opportunities
  • for late night screaming sessions (#gradschoollife)
  • for peppermint tea
  • for all my friends in the blogging community

In June I Learned…

  • sometimes you find what you’re looking for when you’re looking for something else
  • actions speak louder than words
  • it’s okay to give yourself permission to do the things you want to do
  • empathy is key in all communications
  • to ask and not assume
  • to take time to learn and try new things
  • that some things need to be planned far in advance
  • that people often think more highly of you than you do of yourself
  • to enjoy the “tea” but not dwell on it
  • that old feelings can sneak up on you


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