25 Mindfulness Gifts for the Meditator or Yogi

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Over the past couple of months, I’ve really been getting into more spiritual practices like yoga and meditation. While these were things that I practiced periodically (when I say periodically, I mean every couple of months), after participating in my first healing circle, I’ve wanted to deepen my practice.

Especially, after getting to know the facilitator (she’s amazing and I want to be more like her), and finding her studio as my “spiritual home” or “spiritual retreat”, I can see how truly magical and eye-opening these experiences can be.

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What do you get someone who likes yoga or meditation? After contemplating for a bit and spending a lot time looking for meditation and mindfulness gifts (mostly for myself lol), I’ve come up with a great list of gift ideas for the mediator or yogi in your life. I’ve used many of these items while at the yoga and wellness studio that I attend and love them.

Btw the way, you can get all of these yoga, meditation, and mindfulness gifts on Amazon!

Creating A Sacred Environment

Chakra Smudging Kit

This Chakra Smudging Kit has everything you need to get started to cleanse your meditation or yoga space. Along with a smudging stick, this kit includes a brace, crystals, and more.

Incense Sticks

This pack of incense sticks comes with a 7-scent assortment and is highly rated on Amazon. They burn for 20 to 30 minutes and the scent should last in the room for up to 24 hours.

Incense Holder

Isn’t this holder absolutely gorgeous? It is definitely an upgrade from the usual wooden holders (not that those are great too!). This one comes in a variety of colors but the blue one is my favorite.

Himalayan Salt Candle Holders

These are absolutely beautiful and would be a welcome addition to any meditation or yoga space. These specifically are for tea light candles but there are also some for other sized candles.

Tea Light Candles

Don’t forget to get the tea lights to go along with those candle holders. These are unscented and come in packs of 100, 150, 200, and 300.

Starry Fairy String Lights

If candles aren’t your thing, these fairy lights are another beautiful choice. I have some of these hanging up in my second bedroom and they create the perfect ambiance. These are USB operated so just plug them in and enjoy.

Mandala Tapestry/Wall Art

A tapestry to complement the fairy lights would also make a wonderful gift! This tapestry comes in multiple colors as well as multiple sizes (including a cushion cover!).

Books & Journals

A Year of Mindfulness

This is an awesome guided journal that guides you through the entire year. This would be a great gift to help someone start off their new year right.

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Practicing Mindfulness

Practicing Mindfulness is a perfect gift for anyone is beginning their mindfulness journey. It thoroughly explains what mindfulness is as well as has practical tips and exercises to try.

Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness

This book is perfect for anyone who has experienced trauma and is wanting to learn more about mindfulness. This book is also great for yoga teachers who teach trauma-sensitive yoga.

The Artist’s Way

The Artist’s Way is a fantastic book that can help with your path to spirituality and self-discovery. If the yogi or meditator in your life is craving more fulfillment, this is the book to get them.

Good Intentions

This journal guided journal is specifically for yoga and includes yoga wisdom, journaling prompts and more to help deepen yoga practice.

A Journal for Yoga Teacher Training

This journal is perfect for anyone who is just starting as a yoga teacher training (or even if you just want to dive deeper into your own yoga practice). It has over 100 prompts that cover yoga philosophy, meditation, chakras, and more.

Practical Items

Yoga Socks

When you’re doing yoga, things can definitely get slippery. Some people have an easier time barefooted, but if you’re like me and don’t like your feet touching the bare floor, yoga socks are what you need.

Travel Yoga Mat

The yogi in your life definitely needs a new yoga mat. This one folds up nicely and is great to travel with.

Florensi Meditation Cushion

I don’t know about you, but after 10 minutes of sitting on the floor, my butt is screaming at me to get up. This solves the “achy butt” problem. This cushion is soft, easy to wash, and helps improve your posture.

Square Floor Pillow

Just like the above, this floor pillow will help with keeping your butt pain free and helping with posture. It is much bigger than the pillow above and can accommodate a larger person.

Aerial Yoga Swing Set

This is for the yogi who is a little more adventurous or advanced in their practice (definitely not me – but maybe I’ll get there one day). It comes in multiple colors with instructions on how to set it up and use.

Stress Less Cards

There are 50 cards in this deck and each card has a different mindfulness tip or exercise that can be practiced. The best thing about these is that they can be taken anywhere, whenever you may need mindfulness on the go.

Mala Beads

Mala bead jewelry has been used for years in meditation and other spiritual practices. They are used for keeping count when doing recitations of mantras, prayers, or affirmations.

Novica Meditation Ring

Just like the mala necklace above, this ring can be used in meditation. Each ring spins on its own and it comes in a beautiful bag ready for gifting.

Tibetan Singing Bowl

This singing bowl set comes with a beautiful singing bowl, cushion, and mallet. You’ll also get emailed an Ebook with instructions on how best to use your new singing bowl in your spiritual practices.

Tumaz Yoga Strap

This is one of the most highly rated yoga straps on Amazon. It is non-elastic, comes in multiple colors, and 3 different sizes.

Yoga Towel

Getting sweaty is part of the package if you’re into yoga, especially if you’re doing hot or Bikram yoga. Towel = a necessity.

Meditation Seat with Back Rest

This is probably my favorite on the list. As someone with chronic back pain, having the back support when I’m meditating is a lifesaver.


What do you think of this list? What meditation or mindfulness gifts are you planning on getting (or which ones do you want?). I personally want everything on this list! Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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Briana is also the author of The Self-Care Journal for Young Adults.

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    We have that incense holder at home, and I love it, it’s decorative even when you’re not using it to burn incense. Thanks for the list of beautiful gifts, I’m going to be investing in a couple of them.

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    There are some really great ideas here! I love that incense holder!=)

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