Imagine a workbook that....

  • breaks down the 8 dimensions of self-care into bite sized pieces 

  •  provides simple but actionable self-care ideas in each dimension of self-care you with actionable self-care ideas 

  • gives you space to be creative with your self-care through journaling, drawing, and more

  • allows you to create a self-care plan that is both empowering and effective for YOU


I really enjoyed sipping my weekend morning coffee and going through the self-care toolkit. When it is all written down in front of you all of the different areas of life that need work don’t feel as overwhelming. I’m a busy mom and I feel like I put a lot on hold because of time and money and volunteer hours at school, running a household, etc. Now my kids are getting older and I have more time for me but less energy to do it all. Going through this toolkit and identifying the ways I currently practice self care makes me realize I still give away all the best parts of me but I truly am working on me now. I wish I started sooner. Great toolkit and system to organize the flood of thoughts and mom guilt I often feel. 2020 is the start of new ways to be happier and more present in life  – Jessica E, Blogger @ Sweet and Spicy Essentials

The Self-Care Toolkit is a guide + workbook that helps busy women who are feeling burned out, to start on their journey to creating an empowering and effective self-care practice. With this workbook, you’ll go through the eight dimensions of self-care and come up with an action plan to create a self-care practice in each area that will leave you feeling fulfilled and ready to fully engage in your life.

This Guide + Workbook Includes

  1. Over 35 pages of self-care ideas, journaling pages, and creative space

  2.  Dedicated space to plan out people and resources that can support you in each dimension of self-care

  3. Information about and links to additional resources that can help you create a life that you love

  4. Access to print this over and over again (because self-care is never ending). 

This book is very thorough and eye-opening! I am a big fan of self-care and using this as my guide to help me build my self-care lifestyle was something I really needed. Self-care is very diversified, which I didn’t truly know until I received this self-care toolkit! This is workbook is definitely something I would recommend for those want to build a mindful and successful self-care lifestyle. – Alia, Blogger @ It’s Simply Alia 

Hi! I’m Briana and I’m the creator of the Self-Care Toolkit. I’m a licensed social worker and self-care coach. I’m here to help you recover from burn out and lead a fulfilling and fully engaged life. .

The Self-Care Toolkit helps you to identify where you are today in your self-care practice by elevating your awareness in each of the eight dimensions of self-care. The guide provides you with more information on each dimension, with writing prompts to help you digest the information and conceptualize how it applies to your own life. After completing the workbook, you will have greater awareness of the areas of your practice which could be strengthened, and the tools needed to make those improvements. I highly recommend this toolkit to anyone interested in improving their self-care practice. – Taylor K, Blogger @ Best Wishes, Taylor