March Gratitude and Lessons

Happy April! We’re officially a quarter through the year. Where did the time go?

In March I Was Grateful…

  • that I was able to visit my partner
  • for starting my coaching certification course
  • that I was able to help my parents
  • for my partner’s pets
  • that my professor allowed me to turn in an assignment late (oops)
  • to have a break from school for a week
  • for my heated mattress pad
  • for Dairy Queen
  • that I got to Captain Marvel with my dad and sister
  • for Stan Lee

In March I Learned…

  • employment shouldn’t just be about a paycheck
  • that everyone who came with you can’t go with you
  • that you don’t get to choose your consequences, so choose your actions
  • to be aggressively genuine
  • that not everything needs a response
  • that not everything requires a PUBLIC response
  • that we all live in our own echo chamber
  • to revisit old ideas and try to make them better
  • to ignore the hate on the things that you love
  • that your parents’ past does not have to be your present

Briana Hollis is a licensed social worker and self-care coach. She earned her Master of Science in Social Administration from Case Western Reserve University in 2014 and her Master of Education from Tiffin University in 2019. She has spent the last 5 years working in crisis intervention.  Her passion for serving others is the heart of this site. She started Learning To Be Free to assist others in bringing freedom to their lives.

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