Amazing Self-Care Worksheets and Printables You Can Find on Etsy

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Self-care is so important, but sometimes what you need is support in creating a self-care routine and practice that works for you. For me, writing things done helps immensely! And maybe it helps you too! If writing things down on pen and paper is something that you want to integrate into your self-care routine, I’ve got 12 of the best self-care printables and self-care worksheets that you can find on ETSY.

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So relax, unwind, grab a cup of tea (or wine ;)) and go through this blog post see which printables might work best for you.

What is Etsy?

I absolutely love Esty and have been using it for gift giving for many years. If you’re not familiar with Etsy, it is an online marketplace for unique and creative goods that you’re not going to find anyplace else. I’ve gotten personalized passport cases, soaps that looked like donuts (seriously – here they are), lots of jewelry, and much more. What I love most about Etsy, is being able to support small businesses.

Self-Care Morning/Evening Pages

The concept of morning/evening pages is simple. They have guided prompts that can help you get your day started. They can talk about anything from what you want to achieve for the day, gratitude, or thoughts that you’re carrying for the day before. Below are some of my favorites.

Morning Refresh by ElandAlCo

These beautiful morning pages by ElandAlCo are designed to help you get your day started in a positive way. As it shows in the photo below, you can use these on your phone or tablet OR print them out.

These morning pages from ElandAlCo include a brain dump, goal setting, gratitude and more. It is a digital download so you’ll get them right away. Click here to take a closer look! They also have evening pages here.

Morning and Night Routine by KirstenLeighDesigns

Instead just a morning page, this bundle gives you both a morning page and evening page that you can integrate into your morning/evening routines.

Sometimes all you really want or need is something simple and this bundle is exactly that. If you’d like to get it, click here.

Morning and Evening Pages Inserts by SMPLANS

Again, these morning and evening pages are super simple. You have space to write down anything that you want and things that you want to remember.

These inserts are half-letter size and you can also get them customized by the seller if you send them a message. Get these morning and evening pages here.

Self-Care Trackers

Self-Care trackers (and other trackers, like habit trackers) are here to help you track the things that are important to you. My business coach always says, “what gets tracked, gets done,”.

Self-Care Tracker by PrintablePossibilty

This super simple tracker can be added into any notebook, journal, or planner that you already have. You can see an example of the tracker below!

PrintablePossibility has a five-star rating on Etsy and tons of other printables for you to enjoy. Check out this printable and more here.

Self-Care Check-In by ElandAlco

This “check-in” printable is adorable. I love how colorful it is and the use of emojis. This printable is one page that you can insert into an existing journal or planner.

The seller(s) at ElandAlCo allow you to print this at many different sizes which is great if you have notebooks or planners that are not the typical US letter/8.5 x 11 size. You can get this tracker here.

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Daily Self-Care Worksheets by ColorMeHappii

Aren’t these adorable?! This self-care worksheets can be used to check in with yourself as well as be inserted into any notebook or journal that you already have.

If you’d like to take a closer look at these worksheets and the other printables by ColorMeHappii, click this link.

Balance Circle Printable by YogiJournals

What I love about this tracker is that it is perfect for utilizing the 8 dimensions of self-care! It is very similar to the wheel of life that is used in life coaching.

It also comes in five different colors and the size is standard letter paper (8.5″x11″). Get the Balance Circle printable here.

Self-Care Planners

These self-care planners are your one-stop-shop for self-care. Many of them have free writing pages, habit trackers, mood trackers, gratitude lists, and much much more.

Since you’re here, I’m guessing self-care is a priority for you OR you want to make it a priority. If that sounds like you, the Self-Care Mini Bundle is perfect! Learn more about this bundle of self-care resources that will leave you feeling healthier and happier.

Self-Care Printable Planner by BlackFoxPrint

This super simple planner includes a meal planner, habit tracker, gratitude pages, and more. I love this quote from their page, “It’s not once in a while that counts, it’s what you do daily”. Very true!

This planner also comes in 4 different colors. You can learn more about this planner by BlackFoxPrint here.

Self-Care Printable Planner by GrehouseStudio

This self-care planner has everything that you need including sections for mind care, soul care, body care, and more. I also really like the “Things To Try” pages. I have similar pages in my Heartsong journal.

It comes in US Letter size but you can also message GrehouseStudio to get other sizes. You can get this planner here.

Wellness Planner Printable by ShineSheets

This planner focuses on all aspects of self-care including but especially your physical health. In it, you’ll find trackers for workouts, nutrition, and even a section for you to create your own self-care challenge.

ShineSheets has a five-star rating on Etsy and many other printables available. Check them out here.

Self-Care Printable Planner by BeingTheHappyPrints

This self-care planner by BeingTheHappyPrints has everything you need to start tracking and planning your self-care. It has logs to track your sleep, pages for your favorite affirmations, a mood tracker, and more.

TheBeingHappyPrints shop has other amazing printables such as a blog planner and goal planner. Visit the shop here!

Self-Care Planner and Workbook by PurpleSplashStudios

This planner is stunning! It’s bright, colorful, and comprehensive. It has spaces for challenges, daily tracking, doodling.

This amazing planner can be yours if you click here.

If you’re interested in getting some in-depth and personalized help with starting or leveling up your self-care practice, check out my For The Love of Self-Care coaching packages here.

Those are some of the best self-care printables that you can find on Etsy. These self-care worksheets can work for adults or teens. Which one of these is your favorite? Does having worksheets help you with your self-care? Let me know your thoughts on the comments.

If you’re looking for even more self-care related content, make sure to browse around my site! I’ve got blog posts about creating a self-care box, making a daily self-care checklist, and building the ultimate self-care toolkit.

Briana Hollis is a licensed social worker and self-care coach. She earned her Master of Science in Social Administration from Case Western Reserve University in 2014 and her Master of Education from Tiffin University in 2019. She has spent the last 5 years working in crisis intervention.  Her passion for serving others is the heart of this site. She started Learning To Be Free to assist others in bringing freedom to their lives.

Briana is also the author of The Self-Care Journal for Young Adults.

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