Self-Care Coaching

Hi! My name is Briana. I help professional women who want to prioritize themselves in developing an empowering self-care practice so that they can easily refill their cups and continue thrive in both their professional and personal lives.

Self-Care is a buzzword that has been growing in popularity but what exactly is it?

My philosophy around self-care is that it is not just something that you do in times of stress or overwhelm, but a practice that is built with intention: daily, monthly, yearly, for the rest of your life.

However, as both a social worker and educator, I understand building a self-care practice can be difficult, if not impossible when you are spending so much time caring for others.

I’m here to support you in your self-care journey by providing self-care coaching.

Self-Care Coaching might be for you if:

You’re feeling tired and irritable

You feel like your creativity has been stiffled 

You feel critical and negative towards yourself

You’re physically and emotionally drained

You know what to do but you’re not sure how

You need accountability and support 

Revolutionize Your Self-Care Coaching Package 90 - Minute Intensive

Reconstruct your mindset of self-care and create an EFFECTIVE and EMPOWERING self-care plan
  • An In-depth pre-session journaling exercise to prepare you for your 90 minute intensive
  • A virtual 90-minute intensive with me via Zoom
  • BONUS: 30 minute post session follow up

Revolutionize Your Self-Care 10 Week Coaching Program

Reconstruct your mindset of self-care and creative an EFFECTIVE and EMPOWERING self-care plan
$ 1500
  • An in-depth pre-session journaling exercise to prepare you for your 90 minute intensive
  • A 90 minute intensive session with me via Zoom
  • 8 weekly 30 to 60 minute privating coaching sessions based on the 8 dimensions of wellness
  • A detailed self-care plan with the steps that you need to take to full and empowered
  • A 60 minute follow up session 2 weeks after to adress any tweaks that need to be made in your self-care plan
  • BONUS: Video/audio recordings of all sessions
  • BONUS: Access to me via email or FB Messenger (paid in full)
  • BONUS: One of my favorite self-care books (paid in full)

If you’re interested in upleveling your self-care practice by engaging in a longer coaching package or have any questions, email me at or click below to set up a discovery call. I can’t wait to speak with you.

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